When you’ve been dealing with water damage repair in Vancouver for as long as we have (nearly a century!), you see all the types of damage water can cause. You’ll also quickly realize that water-related problems usually come from the same handful of sources. Water can enter a home in many different ways, but some are far more common than others.

It’s good to know this, as it helps homeowners to be alert to potential problems and avoid extremely expensive cleaning bills!

The Four Most Common Ways Water Damage Can Occur

  • Broken water pipes : Water pipes inside a house are difficult to break, but if they do, they can create an emergency situation in a matter of minutes. Large pipes carry enormous quantities of water, which can quickly flood a basement or first floor. You can’t see the pipes in your walls, but keep a close eye on exposed pipes, like those in your basement. They’re the most vulnerable to damage. In particular, if you see rust, call a plumber to replace that pipe as soon as possible!


  • Leaks in household appliances : Washing machines and dishwashers contain and move a lot of water, making them another major source of water damage. A major rupture can cause flooding almost as severe as a water pipe. However, minor leaks are more common – and tend to go unnoticed because they usually occur at the rear of the unit. Check the back and underside of your washing machines regularly to make sure everything is dry.


  • Sanitary appliance overflow : You’d be surprised how often we’re called because someone accidentally left their bathtub or sink faucet running, only to come home a few hours later to discover water everywhere. Even minor overflows can seep into floors and carpets, causing major damage or even mold growth. Never forget to turn off water sources when you leave a room!


  • Faulty sewage pipes : Sewage is by far the worst water emergency. If a wastewater pipe breaks, there’s nothing you can do to fix the problem – in fact, you could endanger your health if you tried. All you can do is look for an emergency water damage repair service in Vancouver to take care of it.

If you’ve suffered emergency water damage, don’t panic – contact Malkin Cleaners – Vancouver’s preferred water damage restoration specialists.

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