Protect your Home From Water Damage

We provide water damage restoration services in vancouver, so if you are in a water damage emergency, reach us now, we will handle all matters with your insurance provider. Available 24/7 for immediate response.

Identifying water damage in your home

It’s vital that you recognize the signs of water damage in your property as soon as possible, before the damage leads to structural problems. The following signs clearly indicate that your home has suffered water damage:

  • accumulation of water in the basement : A puddle of water in the basement is a sure sign that there’s a leak somewhere. The problem may be related to a leaking plumbing fixture upstairs, problems with the water heater, or faulty or damaged pipes throughout the house. As soon as you notice a buildup of water, you should call the team at Malkin Cleaners for help.
  • Water stains on the wall : Water stains occur when water leaks from pipes into structural areas of the home, damaging wallpaper and other decorative elements throughout the property. When you notice water stains on your walls, there may already be significant damage to your property.
  • Musty smell in the house : When water has been sitting for several days or more, it can create a musty odor that spreads throughout the house. If you notice such an odor in your home, it may be time to consult the team at Malkin Cleaners. We have the technology to pinpoint the source of water intrusion and stop water damage in its tracks.
  • Rising water costs : The cost of supplying water to your home can increase significantly if there is a leak in the property. A higher water bill is one of the first signs a homeowner may have of a water problem on the premises. Even if the leak hasn’t damaged the house, it can cost you money every month and end up causing structural damage.

What should I do when I notice water damage?

If you’ve noticed signs of water damage in your home, it’s essential that you follow the necessary steps to stay safe and protect your property. We recommend the following steps if you suspect a water leak :

  • Turn off the electricity : Turn off the electricity in this part of the house to avoid any risk of electrocution. If you can’t reach your circuit breaker, call the Malkin Cleaners team to deal with the problem directly.
  • Move furniture away from the area : If possible, move your furniture away from the accumulating water. This will allow our team to reach the space faster and ensure your furniture isn’t damaged.
  • Keep children and pets out of the space : If you have pets or small children, make sure they’re kept away from water damage.
  • Call Malkin Cleaners as soon as possible : In an emergency, you can call Malkin Cleaners to take action. Our Vancouver emergency water damage restoration team has the skills and equipment to respond quickly and effectively to any emergency situation.

Our Black Mold Removal Service in Vancouver

Black mold removal should be performed by a company with years of experience and the necessary certifications to ensure a professional removal process. The team at Malkin Cleaners is a recognized name in mold removal in Canada. We are Vancouver’s local black mold removal company. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we can help you eliminate black mold and protect your property for the long term.

As the leading black mold removal company serving the Vancouver marketplace, we use a range of innovative tools to detect black mold before it becomes a long-standing challenge. Our commitment to innovation means we can complete our projects in less time and at a lower cost compared to other local market leaders.

The Malkin Cleaners team is available around the clock, even on weekends and public holidays. No matter when your water damage occurs, or when you notice mold, we can respond immediately to prevent further damage.

As the expert water damage restoration and mold removal company serving clients across Vancouver, we’re ready today to take on your project. To learn more on our company and service options, contact us now!