Keep Safe your Home From Water Damage

Water-related disasters can strike without warning, and they’re among the worst things that can happen to a homeowner. Water damage is a particularly insidious form of property damage, because its effects are so long-lasting. Beyond the immediate damage caused by water intrusion into a building and property, it can lead to the long-term development of mold and other contaminants that pose serious health problems. That’s why Burnaby residents have relied on Malkin Cleaners as one of the most trusted water damage restoration companies for about 100 years. No other water damage company in the region has the same level of experience and dedication.

The Steps Involved in the Restoration Process

Every element of our restoration process has been designed to ensure the long-term protection of your home. Our comprehensive process includes :

  • Analysis : We examine your home and determine the source of the water damage, then explain how we will proceed with the cleanup and restoration.
  • Cleaning : Our cleaning specialists will solve mold and odor problems throughout your home. We remove heavily contaminated items and begin the water removal process.
  • Drying : Once our cleaning team has completed its work, we dry all areas of the property and carry out an additional assessment to ensure the home is structurally safe.
  • Restoration : Once the home’s structure is dry and all remaining moisture has been removed, we begin the restoration phase. We replace severely damaged drywall and insulation, and repair any flooring that shows signs of dampness.
  • Final assessment : Once the restoration work is complete, we review the home with you and perform a final assessment to determine any lingering problems. Once you and your assigned restoration team have approved the repair work, we leave you to your fully restored property.

How does water damage affect your health?

Water damage in your Burnaby home means you need to seek emergency flood restoration help, as it can lead to significant health problems.

Mold is an obvious hazard throughout the home, but it’s usually found in areas where moisture has been allowed to take hold. Over time, mold spores can spread throughout the home, causing a number of respiratory problems. The danger of mold is multiplied for people suffering from asthma and other respiratory ailments.  We know that water can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Even relatively clean drinking water needs to be filtered to minimize the number of bacteria. Dangerous bacteria can be present in all forms of water, but in the event of water damage, your family is at great risk.

Bacteria can spread from lake and river water, which then floods your home, allowing bacteria to take hold. Bacteria can also thrive in stagnant water. That’s why it’s so important to call our trusted Burnaby water damage restoration team when you notice flooding in your home.


Our Black Mold Removal Service in Burnaby

Our full range of services includes mold identification, removal, and the remediation of the home. It’s the style of service that can save you thousands of dollars in dealing with a mold issue. Our focus is on helping your family remain happy and healthy in the long-term, and so we can work efficiently to address all mold challenges with the utmost precision and professionalism.

We are partner with homeowners for the long-term to ensure the mold never returns to their property. We help homeowners understand the impact of mold in their home and the signs to identify in mitigating its return. This way, we can help protect their family and ensure a specialist is available on short notice if they have any future question and concerns.

A trusted team of specialists is now available for all Burnaby homeowners. To begin the remediation process with trusted professionals by your side, contact our experts now!