Protect your Home From Water Damage

Water damage is bad and leads to all kinds of related consequences. First of all, there’s the water damage itself, which damages building materials, appliances, fixtures, and furniture as it sits and pools, with electronics being especially susceptible to damage. Also, mold thrives with water damage, and is a particular concern when the moisture hides behind walls and in other difficult-to-reach areas. Even scarier? Depending on where the water came from, water damage leads to health concerns, as sitting water often features all manner of germs and bacteria.

Tips for solving water damage in your Surrey home

Water infiltration has been known to cause lasting damage to the structure of a house. Homeowners with a significant water damage problem on their property need to act quickly. Below are several tips for resolving water damage and working with your local Surrey restoration team.

  • First, turn off the electricity : If the water touches areas where electrical appliances are connected, be sure to turn off the power to those areas. Cut the power at the fuse rather than touching the plug and physically removing it from the wall in water-damaged areas. The plug and wiring could be damaged by water, and electric current could flow through the equipment.
  • Keep pets and small children away : After water damage, you’ll probably need to keep young children and pets away for a short time. This will help you assess the damage and begin restoration work in your Surrey home. Block off the area and make sure any toys or pet litter boxes are cleaned before being used again.
  • Pick up objects lying on the floor : Water may have displaced objects such as clothes, newspapers and magazines from tables onto the floor. Before the water damage restoration team arrives, make sure their path to the damaged area is clear by removing any objects lying around on the floor. This will help improve the efficiency of the company’s clean-up work and limit the time needed to complete the job.
  • If possible, remove upholstery and cushions from furniture : If any furniture has been damaged in the flood, you may only have a limited amount of time to ensure that it can be reused in the future. Remove upholstery and cushions from your furniture and place them in a dry storage area ready for washing. Our Surrey water damage restoration team can then dry the underside of the furniture more easily, helping to protect the furniture for years to come.

Our Black Mold Removal Service in Surrey

Malkin Cleaners is the mold removal company recognized by Surrey homeowners. We’ve been in the business for decades, using the latest equipment to identify and eliminate mold intrusion in a timely manner. Our service team is one of the most experienced in the industry, and we can respond 24 hours a day to emergency mold removal needs. As a result, we’ve become the trusted mold removal company in Surrey for a wide range of mold challenges.

We know you probably couldn’t budget for mold intrusion in your property. These problems can occur at any time and without notice. That’s why we offer a number of affordable service options to ensure long-term property safety. Our team is available now to guide you through each option and help you get personalized service based on your unique elimination needs.

As the expert water damage restoration and mold removal company serving clients across Surrey, we’re ready today to take on your project. To learn more on our company and service options, contact us now!