Malkin Cleaners: Experts in comprehensive flood restoration services

At Malkin Cleaners, we understand the danger that flooding can pose to a Vancouver property. We know that homeowners need access to 24-hour flood restoration expertise to protect their families.

We know that business owners also need immediate access to restoration advice when water intrusion occurs in their office to minimize disruption. That’s why we’re “on call” 24/7 for emergency flood restoration services throughout Vancouver.


Immediate answers

Our fleet of emergency repair vehicles is available to our specialists 24 hours a day. In addition to flood damage experts, our team also includes qualified plumbers and construction workers who analyze and repair system problems. This enables us to carry out comprehensive repair work within a short timeframe, guaranteeing long-term results and mold protection.

Comprehensive service

As soon as we arrive on site, we’re ready to work with homeowners to assess the damage, stop the flooding and start drying out the property. Our job is to carefully remove all flooded material, dry salvageable items and contact insurance companies. It’s a comprehensive approach to emergency flood damage restoration services that means customers need only contact our Malkin project manager with any questions.

Mold removal

Following a flood, it’s essential to have access to teams skilled in mold prevention. Our experts have years of experience in identifying potential areas of mold spores in properties, and can carry out full mold removal work as part of our restoration service if required.

Affordable service

We know that flooding can happen to a property at any time, and that many businesses and homeowners can’t protect themselves against such an event. That’s why we offer our services at affordable rates and work with all insurance companies, to ease the burden on the homeowner and guarantee access to qualified repair expertise at a fair price.

Quality equipment

We use only state-of-the-art equipment in our work. This reduces the time needed to carry out complex flood restoration work, and limits the potential damage caused by water intrusion as soon as we arrive on site. By using equipment such as ultrasonic leak detection systems, we streamline the response to difficult water intrusions.  24/7 emergency flood restoration services, call us at (604) 970-9052