Area Rug Cleaning Services in Vancouver

We are area rugs cleaning experts and have been known for providing exceptional cleaning services in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby since 1932. Our tradition of quality service doesn’t stop with dry cleaning or carpet cleaning. We maintain the same standard in all facets of our business.

Carpets are meant to enhance the look of a room, but they can do just the opposite if left uncleaned. Cleaning area rugs at home can damage them beyond repair, resulting in loss. That’s why it’s important to always call in area rug cleaning professionals, and the best on the market are Malkin Cleaners.

Certified and experienced!

With IICRC-certified experts, our rug cleaning professionals know how to treat any type of rug. They know not only how to treat stains, but also how to clean sensitive materials. An area rug need gentle, effective cleaning, and our experts know it inside out.

Dedicated facilities and state-of-the-art equipment

We understand the importance of area rugs, especially when you consider how expensive they are. To give them the utmost care during the cleaning process, we have a dedicated 3,000 square foot facility to handle them in a controlled and secure environment.

Cleaning with care

Our experts know exactly what kind of care an area rug needs. Their experience and expertise in rug cleaning enable them to assess the type of cleaning methods an area rug requires simply by looking at it.

Whether your rug is Oriental or Persian, Malkin Cleaners has you covered. Our technicians can clean rugs of all fibers and even vegetable dyes. We even wash rugs by hand! If your rug requires special care, we treat it like royalty. Our technicians even hand-wash rugs with sensitive fibers. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that they return to their original condition without damage to the fibers.

Clean and ready to go!

We can tackle any type of  stain, from pet stains to red wine. Our rug cleaning methods ensure that the carpet is spotless when you receive it. We don’t just clean the rug, we can also treat it for pests and odors. In fact, we can even apply the scotchguard treatment to ensure longevity.

Delivered straight to your door

We believe not only in quality, but also in the quality of our customers. That’s why we offer our customers a rug pick-up and delivery service. If you have an area rug but can’t bring it to our facility, don’t worry. Just give us a call and our technicians will pick it up in no time.

Customers with larger rug will find this service particularly convenient, as they won’t have to try to fold the rug into a small space or transport it for long hours.

Quality service on a limited budget!

Rug cleaning services shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and we’ve been upholding this philosophy since 1932. We provide excellent area rugs cleaning services to suit your budget. Our rugs are priced by the square foot and charged at only $2.00/square foot, with the exception of specialty items.

Area rugs are priced by the square foot and are usually $2.00/sq.ft. other than specialty items.

  • All fiber types
  • Able to clean vegetable dyes
  • Oriental and Persian rug cleaning
  • Hand washing available
  • Area rug drop off at our store in West Vancouver
  • Pick up and delivery available for larger rugs
  • Fast service
  • Treatments for pests, odor and scotchguard available
  • Removal of pet, wine and other stains
  • Free pick up and delivery (Minimum order size required)

If you have an area rug that needs cleaning, give us a call and our technicians in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby will be happy to take it off your hands and return it to you in perfect condition. Feel free to call us at any time of day.

Call us today at 604-922-0109.