Emergency Water Damage Restoration Company in North Vancouver

If you ever come home to discover that your house has become flooded, there’s going to be an understandable urge to dive right in – so to speak – and start trying to rescue your property.  However, you need to tread carefully.  Floodwater can be much more dangerous than people realize, and there are other ways a flooded property can be dangerous to those who aren’t trained in handling these situations.

Usually, the best approach is going to be contacting an emergency water damage restoration company in North Vancouver, and letting professionals handle the situation.  Otherwise, these are some of the risks you can face.

Three Serious Dangers from Entering A Flooded Property

  1. Contaminated water 

Unless you already know the exact source of the flooding, you genuinely don’t know where that water has been.  If the water has entered your property from outside, absolutely anything could be in it – including many kinds of toxins and contaminants!  Worst of all, if the flooding is from a sewage line or broken septic tank, the water could be genuinely toxic and dangerous to touch at all.

That’s why professionals always use proper safety gear before entering a home that’s been flooded.  Even if we suspect the flooding is simply from a water main, the risk of contamination or disease is just too high.

  1. Structural damage to your home

Another big X-factor is that, without a survey, you have no way of knowing how damaged the interior is.  There could be cracks in the foundation, loose support beams, soaked-through floorboards, or worse.  Simply walking or wading through the home could be dangerous, due to damage done to the house itself.

Often, entering a home that’s suffered significant flood damage is a very slow process of testing and surveying before walking, to be sure there’s no danger.

  1. Electricity 

Finally, don’t overlook the strong possibility that there are loose electrical wires, exposed outlets, and other sources of electricity which would make the water a significant shock hazard.  Yes, your circuit breakers should cut off the power – but when the voltage in a house could potentially kill a person, it’s not something you want to find out the hard way.

Trust Malkin Cleaners for Your Home Water Damage Repair in North Vancouver

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