If You Have Water Damage in Surrey, It Needs to Be Cleaned Up Quickly

Flooding can pose many dangers due to factors such as home damage, bacterial growth and high water levels. Our experts at Malkin Cleaners have compiled the following list of the different kinds of floods and their differences in regards to physical characteristics and the dangers that they pose. Any of the floods listed below can pose a threat to you and your home and should be dealt with immediately using a flood restoration service.

Sewer flooding

Sewer flooding refers to sewage escaping from the piping through a manhole or by backing up through toilets, sinks and baths. These types of floods are typically caused by a clogged sewer pipe or in situations where too much water enters the sewers from the storm run-off. Sewage water is categorized as Category 3 water damage and should not be touched due to its high potential for bacterial growth. If you are experiencing sewer flooding in your home, call our Vancouver flood restoration technicians at Malkin Cleaners immediately at 604-970-9052.

Groundwater flooding

Groundwater floods typically result from heavy rainfall and occur when the level of the water table becomes higher than the ground. Groundwater floods pose the most danger to buildings and homes with basements and the Category of water damage can vary depending on the contents of the water. Furthermore, groundwater flooding can occur simultaneously with other types of flooding, leading to increased damages.

River flooding

When rivers and streams become unable to properly carry floodwaters into their drainage channels, river flooding may occur. This type of flooding poses the most risk to low-lying lands and properties and can cause significant water damages that can be quite long lasting. Water damage repair services are extremely important in situations of river flooding and should be conducted sooner rather than later to minimize the long-term damages to your home.

Coastal flooding

When high tides coincide with a low-pressure storm system that raises overall water levels, coastal defenses may buckle under the pressure and lead to coastal flooding. Depending on the quality of the water in your area, coastal flooding water can pose risks and be dangerous to come into contact with. Although homes far from the coast will likely be safe from this kind of flooding, properties in tidal river basins can still be affected even with a healthy distance from the coast.

Although the dangers that each of the above floods pose vary, each of them can cause severe long-term damage to your home if they are not properly dealt with. At Malkin Cleaners, our comprehensive flood restoration services and up-to-date technology can ensure that your home is fixed and rid of any potential water damage problems that can threaten your home. If you reside in Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Greater Vancouver or any area of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, give us a call anytime at 604-970-9052.

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