Vancouver water damage restoration company

Making sure that you choose a qualified Vancouver water damage restoration company for removing water and restoring your home can help you save time and money in the process. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the questions you should ask your local company before finalizing your decision.

  • Is your company licensed?

The company should be licensed with the region for water damage restoration work. If you work with unlicensed restoration teams you may find that your home insurance company doesn’t cover their work. This might leave you with significant costs to pay over the long-term.

  • Is your firm insured?

It’s also important the company and their team have insurance. Ask about their range of insurance coverage. For example, do they have liability insurance for everyone in their team? Liability insurance can help to protect you against liability claims if they become injured during the work.

  • How long will the project take?

One important consideration when reviewing the Vancouver water damage restoration company is how they will handle the project. Will they be able to complete the work in a consolidated timeframe? If so, how will they complete the job, and can they provide you with proof that the process will be completed on time and according to the budget provided?

  • Is it possible to meet the team before the project starts?

You may wish to discuss some aspects of the project with the team members who will be carrying out the work. Make sure you meet these persons first. Ask the company to give you access to the team and their information to talk about the project.

  • Can you provide a warranty?

The restoration team should always be able to provide you with a comprehensive warranty for the work completed in your home. Ask for the warranty well before the project begins so you can review the paperwork and make sure it has your approval.

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