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As respected professionals serving Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, Malkin Cleaners offers top-notch mold remediation work based on our experience and technical understanding. Homeowners throughout the region turn to Malkin Cleaners, North Vancouver’s leading black mold removal company, when they need experts for a fast response to their mold removal needs. We’re available 24 hours a day to respond to our customers and ensure that a staff member is always available to begin the mold cleanup process.

Trust Malkin Cleaners for :

Expert analysis

We use the latest technology to identify mold in the family home. This commitment to innovation means we can quickly spot a problem before it begins to weaken the structure of the home and present a health problem for those living inside. As a certified black mold remediation company, Malkin is up to date with health standards.

A clear communication strategy

Our team strives to provide clear answers to our customers’ questions. We strive to educate homeowners about the challenges of the mold removal process. And we make sure our team is trained to listen to our customers’ concerns and respond with the latest industry advice. This process reassures homeowners and allows us to complete our mold remediation projects successfully.

Affordable extras

We know that most homeowners don’t budget for or plan for a mold problem in their home. But these problems can happen quickly. We offer several affordable pricing options to ensure homeowners reduce their mold removal costs when working with Malkin Cleaners.

Complete restoration

In addition to our mold damage remediation work, homeowners can count on Malkin Cleaners for comprehensive and effective mold remediation services. We ensure that the home is in better condition than it was before mold entered.

The professionals at our North Vancouver company are ready to offer their mold remediation advice. To find out more, call us today.

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